Coaching & Speaking

 As a Coach:


 As a coach, I will come alongside you and help you identify and achieveyour goals.  Your life can be more than you think it can.  You have a God given call upon your life. You can have more than you think.  Whether you are a believer or not, God is calling you.  Please allow me to enter into your life to help you succeed!  

Please choose the coaching package that is the best fit for you and we’ll begin on your journey!


Beginning Journey 

This is a 1 month package designed for you if you are preparing for a new challenge. We will go over your goals and create a step-by-step plan to attain them.  This consists of two sessions, goal setting worksheets, spiritual gifting worksheets and e-mail access to me between sessions.

 Sojourner Package

This is a 3-month package designed for you if you want to see significant changes in 1-2 primary areas of your life.  You’ll feel more equipped and empowered than ever before.  This package includes a focused 3 months together, tackling 1 main topic each session. Sessions are self-directed and you select the area in which you wish to work. You’ll feel incredible and your progress will surprise you. This package includes 6 sessions, 2 per month, a spiritual gifting worksheet, goal setting worksheets, both before and after sessions, e-mail and messaging and access to me between sessions.

Wayfarer Package

This is a 6-month package designed for you if you are well into your journey but find you are getting “stuck” along the way.  With this package, we will concentrate on 3-4 primary areas with the emphasis on the “next steps”. This is designed with 9 sessions (3 per month), life assessment tools, worksheets before and after sessions, e-mail and message and access to me between sessions. By the end of these sessions, you should be well on your way to the life you desire!


 As a Speaker:

I would be honored to speak at your next  church event, retreat, conference, or Bible study.  I love the Lord with all my heart and I bring a wealth of life experience filtered through the lens of faith.  I can speak on a topic of your choosing, or if you prefer, I can speak on a topic the Holy Spirit has blessed me with.  I bring loads of energy and insightful humor to each event. Whether it is a retreat, Bible study series, conference or just a one-time event, your audience will leave with a renewed passion and faith in the beautiful design for their lives.

Please feel free to contact me through my contact page or e-mail me at